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Hi! I am Wei Haw Huang.

I enjoy using design to explore and experience the world and, through that process, myself as well. I aspire to create harmony between people and the environment and feel a sense of responsibility to deliver a positive impact while searching for new challenges.

As well as this, making connections between fields of knowledge and different perspectives inspires me, and I thrive on creating new value by working with multi-disciplinary teams.

I graduated with a MA / MSc in Innovation Design Engineering (IDE) at Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art. During my time at IDE, I  deepen and broaden my perspectives and design philosophy. I am motivated by using design to improve people's quality of life. I approach challenges with a logical yet innovation-driven vision, propelled by the unique and feasible perspectives of others and my expectations for the future.



       +44 7395 441437  UK

​       +886 911830209   TW




Senior Industrial Designer ( Global Gaming)  /  Remote (01/2023- Present)

Advanced Industrial Designer ( Global Gaming)  /  Remote (11/2021- 12/2022)

Industrial Designer (Discovery & Innovation)  /  Hsinchu (08/2020- 11/2021)

Chang Gung University

Adjunction Lecturer  /  New Taipei City(09/2021-Present)

Jialab (A Home Appliance Startup)

Founding Designer | ID and CD/  Remote (02/2020- 04/2022)​​

Freelance Industrial Designer l Educator
Clients: Electrolux BenQ, Plan (London), Industrial Technology Research Institute(ITRI), E.SUN Commercial Bank, National Chengchi University (NCCU)/ (09/2019-Present)


Industrial Design Intern  / Shanghai (07/2019-09/2019)


Industrial Designer  /  Taipei (11/2017-04/2018)



Design Engineer  /  Taipei (09/2016-09/2017)

Industrial Design Intern /  Taipei (06/2015-09/2015)

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